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VI Gastronomic Congress Andalucía Sabor

The Haute Cuisine Congress Andalucía Sabor, the great forum of Andalusian cuisine, reached its 6th edition under the theme"From the inland to the coast of Andalucía. A journey through the geography of flavour". This exciting journey was guided by recognized national chefs, highlighting in particular the Andalusian presence.

As in previous editions, the Congress was held in the same space and parallel to the fair. The programme was extended an extra day, lasting three days, coinciding with the days of the fair.

In addition, among other novelties, the congress had an adjacent exhibition area, aimed at companies for the equipment and services of the hospitality sector, hotel industry and collectivities, gastronomic media, vending machines, entities for the promotion of agri-food products of Andalucía and entities related to gastronomic tourism.

Another of the great attractions of this VI Edition was the area called "Meetings with the Chef", which gave the attendees the opportunity to establish a direct and close contact with the participating chefs through a meeting agenda, and the Gastronomic Classroom, where there took place workshops that addressed specific aspects related to gastronomy.

The Haute Cuisine Congress is open to the general public over 18 years of age. As an exception it may be attended by groups of hostelry students under 18 whose attendance has been managed by their school.


VI Congress

Previous Editions

Present and future of Andalusian cuisine.

The Haute Cuisine Congresses of Andalucía Sabor bring together the most outstanding Andalusian chefs, many of them recognized with Michelin stars along with other young chefs that today form the present of the Andalusian cuisine and its great promising future. Moreover, it will gather other national chefs of renowned prestige that will contribute to our gastronomy and products with their vision.
The previous Congresses had the following themes:
- 2007 - “Three Cultures, Two Seas” 
- 2009 - "The new discovery" 
- 2011 - “A gastronomic Odyssey. Trip to the Mediterranean diet”
- 2013 - "The tapa. Tradition and innovation in the Andalusian cuisine" 
- 2015 - “Research and innovation, the new era of the stoves”