Gastronomic Congress

7th Gastronomic Congress Andalucía Sabor

An important activity of the International Fine Food Exhibition Andalucía Sabor to be developed in parallel with the rest of activities is its Gastronomic Congress, which is a must for the Andalusian hotel and catering sector, professional cooks and general public with an interest in gastronomy.

A meeting with the haute cuisine and catering sectors, with a consolidated career that will held its seventh edition from 23 to 25 September in the Auditorium Al Andalus of the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos FIBES I, in Seville.

In this occasion, this Andalusian cusine forum will aim to support the consolidation, boost and promotion of the Andalusian agri-food and fisheries quality production, paying special attention to the distinguished quality elements linked to origin (Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI),etc), organic production and integrated production.

The creation of the Gastronomic Coordinator and a Technical Committee stand out among the major developments of the 7th Gastronomic Congress Andalucía Sabor. The role of Congress coordinator will be played by a renowned chef at national level, from a restaurant awarded with two or three Michelin stars, who, as the coordinator of this event, will lead the Technical Committee. The Committee will be also composed of prominent representatives of the Andalusian agri-food and hotel and catering sectors.

As in the previous edition, the Congress will be structured in two main areas:

On the one hand, the Auditorium, where presentations will take place and with capacity for 1,029 people and, on the other hand, the Cooking Showroom, where workshops will be developed and one of the new contributions of the last edition, which was well received.

There will be also a parallel space for the development of activities: an area called "Encounters with the chef", which was one of the new developments of the last edition, that will give attendees the opportunity to establish a direct and close contact with the participant chefs through a meetings agenda. 

The access to the Congress areas will be restricted to accredited members of the Congress. Although this outstanding gastronomic event is open to the general public over 18 years old, as an exception, the assistance of groups of students under 18 will be allowed. However, their attendance should have been arranged by their training centre or school in advance and they have to be duly accompanied.

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Present and future of Andalusian cuisine.

The Gastronomic Congresses of Andalucía Sabor bring together the most prominent Andalusian chefs, many of them from famous restaurants awarded with Michelin stars, along with other young cooks who are the present of the Andalusian cuisine and its great future prospects. Moreover, it gathers other Spanish prestigious chefs who bring their vision about our gastronomy and our products.


The previous Congresses were focussed on the following topics:

- 2007 - "Three Cultures, two seas"

- 2009 - "The New Discovery"

- 2011 - "A gastronomic odyssey. Trip to the Mediterranean diet"

- 2013 - "Tapas. Tradition and Innovation in the Andalusian cuisine"

- 2015 - "Research and innovation, the new era of cooking"

- 2017 - "From inland Andalusia to its coast. A trip through the geography of flavours"