Workshops 2017


Andalucía Sabor continues to support professionals in the Andalusian agri-food and fishing sector. This is evidenced in the incorporation amongst its activities of an interesting programme of Technical Conferences on innovation and new trends. These free access conferences are aimed at exhibitors, visitors and professionals involved in the commercial mission.


Programme 2017


Tuesday, September 26

Innovation in the rural environment: within the strategy of the European Innovation Association (AEI-agri / EIP-agri).
• Agrifood Campus of International Excellence ceiA3 


10:15 Opening.
10:15 Presentation of the calls for Operational Groups of the European Association for Innovation - AGRI.

  • Supra-autonomic GO line. Speaker: Isabel Bombal. Directorate-General for Rural Development and Forestry Policy. MAPAMA.
  • Andalucía Regionals GO line. Speaker: Concepcion Mateu. Directorate-General Industries and Agro-Food Chain. Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Andalucía.

11:15 The role of the Innovation Agent: ceiA3 link between the sector and the Agro-Food Research.
11:30 Case Study of GO Supra-autonomic: GO Sensolive-Oil Project.
11:45 Attendees debate and question time.
12:15 Closing.


Wednesday, September 27

The importance of partnership as a promotional tool for the agri-food company
• LANDALUZ,  Asociación Empresarial Alimentos de Andalucía


10:15 Example of partnership in the agri-food sector. Speaker: Isabel Peralta Fuentes. LANDALUZ.
10:35 Consolidation strategies through distribution chains. Speaker: Isabel Peralta Fuentes. LANDALUZ.
11:00 Search for new international markets, challenges and opportunities. Speakers: Francisco Manrique and Esteban Yáñez.
11:15 Communication in the Food Industry, Distributors and Horeca. Speaker: Luis Gómez de las Cortinas.

How to grow in added value? Experience the Binnakle tool
• World in Habitat


12h00. Attendees reception
12h10. BINNAKLE: objectives, methodology y rules of the game
12h30. Mission 1 y 2 – The lagoon of questions and the forest of lights
14h00. Mission 2, 3 y 4 - Simulation
14h30. Closing