Andalucía Sabor 2017 Gastronomic Congress Accredtitation

Andalucía Sabor

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Come to see it, come to know it

Come to see it

Andalucía Sabor is the official appointment of a top class food-farming and fisheries power. It is a professional and monographic meeting that brings together Andalusia's food supply to consolidate its presence in the national and international markets. All the professionals of the food industry and the high cuisine meet together at a summit that confirms the leadership of Andalusia's agribusiness beyond its own frontiers.

The 7th edition of Andalucía Sabor will be held in September 2019, and it will be based on the precedent outstanding success of previous editions.



An avant-garde exhibition of Andalusian quality

Andalusian quality

Exhibiting companies and visitors will participate in a full programme of activities, which in previous editions was composed of extra virgin olive oil tastings, Iberian ham tastings, food and wine pairings, ham cutting, tapas and dessert contests, round-table discussions, presentations by Regulatory Councils and private firms, etc .

The combination of disciplines is a characteristic of this unique gastronomic summit, which also hosts a haute cuisine congress that will be held parallel to the fair and again will have a representation of the best chefs on the international scene to rediscover the excellence and fusion of Andalucía through its kitchen.